The Story of Wasted Atelier

Creating unique items out of fabric surpluses, Wasted Atelier is born out of a thorough knowledge of the fashion industry and a desire to do better. Wasted Atelier was founded by Dirk Smet in 2019.

As a textile agent, Dirk has a strong understanding of the fashion world. He knows better than anyone that there are many opportunities for improvement. So he decided to take matters into his own hands. Wasted Atelier is born.“As an insider, I knew that so many beautiful fabrics are left unused. With Wasted, we want to work with these existing fabric surpluses and give them a new life. We call them our ‘sleeping beauties’, from which we make unique and limited edition clothing. Our pieces are not only sustainable, but also beautiful'”, explains Dirk Smet.
By locally designing and producing items out of forgotten fabric scraps, the brand has a unique way of making sustainable clothing. Without of course sacrificing quality, style, or boldness.

Design Quality

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Wasted Atelier is both designed and produced in Belgium. This allows the brand to work outside traditional rules, timings, and deadlines of the fashion industry. Every six weeks, the brand drops new items, regardless of fashion seasons.

When designing, the starting point is always the fabric scraps. All pieces are inspired by the 'catch of the day' fabrics, rather than by fashion trends, which empowers Wasted to create unique statement pieces. Talking about waking up sleeping beauties! The team of designers works around Dirk Smet who supervises the designing and production process. The atelier where the beautiful garments are produced is located in Belgium.

Meet Our Team

Damion BlueSales & Marketing Manager

Lenard SmithProduct Manager

Rachel GreenProduct Manager

David DoeProduct Manager